Learning Python and Django

A few months ago I started out on a path to re-brand and re-tool myself in the technology space. I began my career way back in the 80's as a Computer Operator... Google it! I move into software development, database development, web development and mobile development. These days I fancy the idea of Cloud technology with a bent toward security, but my programming juices are still flowing. Enter Python. I have a static website I have wanted to modernize and re-write in something other than PHP, and I wanted to choose a language that is not only popular but also … (Continue reading...)

Posted by anthonyjh August 06, 2020 7:53 p.m.

I Passed! MS-900 Exam is Done!

I have to admit I was fairly anxious about taking a Microsoft exam. If you have ever taken one of these exams you already know how challenging they can be. Thanks to the clever and sometimes confusing wording of the questions, vague and rather ambiguous multiple choice options and the all too common questions covering content you never even studied during preparation. Despite Microsoft’s attempts to trip me up and send me back to my home office with a severely bruised ego – I passed! I haven’t taken a certification exam in years and add to that the fact that … (Continue reading...)

Posted by anthonyjh August 03, 2020 7:39 p.m.

Career Re-Invention: My Certification Journey

Our world is changing at exponential rates, and keeping up with the pace of change can seem quite daunting. A significant part of the change we’re experiencing is what I believe to be a major paradigm shift in what constitutes viable industry that supports a labor force that itself supports a working middle-class. The options for Americans are not running out, but they have changed! Gone are the days of graduating from high school and working for a plant, foundry or some other employer who will provide a pension after 25-30 years of loyal service. We live in a world … (Continue reading...)

Posted by anthonyjh August 03, 2020 7:35 p.m.

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